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As President of the Dolj County Council, I invite you to visit our web page, created at our declared wish to ensure the transparency of the activities of the Dolj County Council, offering the citizens free access to information and an active participation to the decision making process. Dolj County, engaged on the path of the reform, hence continuing a real European vocation is from an economic and social point of view, a complex area and the answers of the County Council to its issues and requirements should be responsible and pertinent, so that we invite you to a dialogue in order to find together the optimal solutions. We hope that the mandate which we have been entrusted with on the 1st of June 2012 will bring to the inhabitants of our county as many of the desired and earned fulfillments so that we join together the big family of the European Union. To all of our visitors I wish a warm "Welcome!"



Judetul Dolj

Dolj County map

The first documentary attestation dates back from 1444 as The Marsh County. Dolj County has a south-western position, centred upon the lower course of the Jiu river which gives its name (Lower Jiu which became Doljiu). Administratively, the Dolj County is formed of 3 cities: Craiova - capital city, Calafat and Bailesti, 4 towns: Segarcea, Filiasi, Bechet and Dabuleni, 104 communes and 380 villages.The Dolj territory has a 7,414 kmp surface, which is 3,1% of the surface of the country.Populaţia 725.342 locuitori.